About Stu Dunn

Stu & Bridget

Myself and my beautiful wife Bridget

I feel like I’ve done some pretty cool things in my life so far – including writing several books, training people in nonverbal communication worldwide, being interviewed on national TV talking about body language, worked in Parliamentary Service, done extra work in a number of movies (including The Lord of the Rings and Avatar), have owned a bar, practiced martial arts since 1991 – Wing Chun since 1999 (and taught since 2005), was the first person in New Zealand to become FACS (Facial Action Coding System) Certified (with my wife Bridget being the 2nd!), and own a real estate company with my wife.

I love learning and sharing, and picked up a few things along the way. One thing you will get to know about me though – I believe there’s always another side. Another story. Another perspective. As best as I can, I aim to be open minded and learn what I can from the people I meet.

When it comes to sales, I’ll never say I know it all. I will say that I’m pretty proud of our sales, negotiation and communication skills – and our awards and past clients tend to agree 🙂

https://linktr.ee/studunnkapiti & https://linktr.ee/sdl.behavioural.science


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