SDL Certified Graduates

Below is a list of the SDL 101 Program Certified Graduates. Each of these people have completed the SDL Mastering Nonverbal Communication material (through either the SDL Certification Online Training Program or Live Workshop, which includes each participant completing all the required video analyses), completed online micro expressions training to a minimum of 80% proficient, and passed the SDL 101 Final Test with a minimum of 80%. Well done to everyone – huge congratulations! I’ve enjoyed working with each of you – you’ve certainly earned your place in the SDL Hall of Fame.

101 Certified Graduates

Michele Consalvo (NZ) – 31st March, 2012
Esther Hutchinson (NZ) – 11th June, 2012
Adrian Solis (USA) – 14th June, 2012
Svetlana Mamkina (Germany) – 4th July, 2012
Vicktorya Stone (NZ) – 7th July, 2012
Mayan Schraders (NZ) – 17th September, 2012
Teresa Murrow-Wilson (NZ) – 3rd October, 2012
Ben Maher (NZ) – 9th November, 2012
Jorge Martins (Portugal) – 2nd January, 2013
Jody Pirret (NZ) – 17th February, 2013
Kristina Noveska (Malta) – 27th February, 2013
Luca Turina – (Switzerland) 7th April, 2013
Josiah Mendez (USA) – 1st October, 2013
John Dawson (UK) – 28th October, 2013
Magdalena Rokicka (Poland) – 17th November, 2013
Stephanie Holloway (NZ) – 3rd February, 2014
Ceilidh Ap-Farendar (UK) – 3rd February, 2014
John Peel (Aus) – 14th June, 2014
Tomás Baêna (Portugal) – 11th August, 2014
Ingrid Donders-de Jong (The Netherlands) – 30th June, 2015
Jan Yuhas (US) – 29th July, 2015
Jillian Yuhas (US) – 29th July, 2015
Zahida Zeb (UK) – 22nd August, 2015
John Mcinnis (US) – 3rd April, 2016
Jaco Crous (South Africa) – 25th April, 2016
Lionel Zafiropoulos (France) – 7th July, 2017
Alno Crous (West Africa) – 8th January, 2017

202 Certified Graduates

The 202 Certification tests participants on FACS, Universal Emotions, Memory and Discourse Analysis, Investigative Interviewing and Video Analysis.

John Dawson (UK) – 21st December, 2013
John Peel (Aus) – 22nd August, 2015
Jaco Crous (South Africa) – 28th November, 2016 


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