SDL Education

SDL Learning Ladder:

1) Start of with liking the SDL Facebook Page. Just liking, reading and interacting is an awesome way to learn & hopefully be entertained.
2) True Lies book. To get more in depth, purchasing True Lies will provide a huge amount of easy to understand information on the 5 channels of communication, reading faces, interpreting body language and detecting deception – along with some exercises to help cement your learning.
3) SDL Online Course (Mastering Nonverbal Communication). Starting off with a free e-book, this course offers life changing nonverbal learning that will transform your life in many ways, from your financial success, relationships and confidence. Once you join the course, you will also gain access to the SDL Community 
There are already a lot of groups, fan pages, books, videos etc out there on the subjects of facial expressions, body language and detecting deception – with the most common groups and fan pages being quite under detailed (and horribly inaccurate). The SDL Community fills a specific gap: for people interested in research on the face, body language and detecting deception through behavioural cues – based on science that speaks in plain English. Contact for details.

Why Learn How to Spot Lies?

* 55% of the messages that we convey to other people are transmitted through body language, 38% is in the tone of voice, and only 7% in the words we use (*when verbal context is ambiguous).

* Several studies have shown that 90% of the decisions we make are based on emotion – we then use logic to justify our actions. This makes recognising emotions even more necessary.

* Research has shown that a normal everyday person will lie on average 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation. Research also shows that people that have not been trained to detect micro expressions and other clues only has around a 54% chance of catching lies.

* The combination of fraud, theft, identity & employee theft, embezzlement, information leaks, false qualifications & experience, falsifying credit and other information on documents, accounts for tens of billions of dollars lost each year.

* How much could it cost you not to do something? Through training people can easily become 80%+ accurate at detecting hidden emotions (micro expressions), as well as learning to more accurately interpret body language and spot deceptive behaviour – including written statements.

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