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Analysis of the Gary Giordano interview by Robin Roberts

I had originally done this analysis around November 2011, however I feel it is still a great clip for educating what can happen within interviews. Visit the SDL Facebook album to view individual screen shots for each point listed, capturing … Continue reading

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Anger, Contempt & Disgust Indicators of Violence & Dangerous Intent: Risk Prevention

“Among leaders of groups that committed aggressive acts, there was a significant increase in expressions of anger, contempt and disgust from 3 to 6 months prior to the group committing an act of violence. For nonviolent groups, expressions of anger, … Continue reading

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About Serial Killers, Psychopaths and Sociopaths

What is a Serial Killer? The term “serial killer” was first used by Robert Ressler (former FBI director of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) in the mid-1970s. Prior to this term, they were referred to as “crimes in a series”, mass murders … Continue reading

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Several arguments for adopting a discursive approach to research

By Stu Dunn. It is not unusual for people to resist change. Even science – what our modern minds recognize as systemized knowledge of the world – resists change. If it was not for those that fought this resistance and … Continue reading

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Genuine Emotions on Screen

As an unfortunate side effect of years of examining facial expressions I’ve become quite critical of what I can only describe as poor acting. As much as I love Criminal Minds, it ruins it for me to see someone being attacked … Continue reading

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Optimism vs. Delusion

For most of my adult life I’ve considered myself an optimist. I’ve certainly been called an optimist – however – I’ve also been called delusional with my positive attitude and faith in things “turning out how they should”. defines optimism as … Continue reading

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“Not Bad”; Why Say Something You’re Not..?

One day when my son Callan (who was about 5 years old at the time) I were out I ran into someone I’d known back when I’d owned a bar and was in the music scene. We say hi, shake hands … Continue reading

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