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My son Callan (nearly 11 yrs old) was asked at school the other day who his favourite teacher was. His answer; “My dad.” I can count that as one of the proudest moments in my life, as I really get … Continue reading

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Fear or Surprise?

Fear and surprise are notoriously challenging to apart at times. Here are a few tips for helping you identify the differences. Surprise raises the eyebrows and lifts the eyelids (FACS Codes 1+2+5). Often there is the opening of the mouth. Surprise will … Continue reading

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Critiquing how social psychology has studied and theorized bystander intervention

By Stu Dunn The stabbing, sexual assault and murder Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese on March 13, 1964 near her home in Queens in New York City has a permanent place in history – more specifically social psychology’s history – due to … Continue reading

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What makes people turn away?

I remember talking to a colleague when I worked in Melbourne back in 1999 – who told me about their walk to work. They told me how they passed a homeless person begging and said; “Come on, I’ll buy you … Continue reading

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Put Your Best Face Forward

By Stu Dunn I’ve lost count how many times I’ve opened a local newspaper, viewed a billboard or witnessed a television advertisement and been affronted with a person’s insincere fake smile – or worse – their genuine contempt in the … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Detecting Deception

By Stu Dunn Read this alongside the SDL Flow chart. Due to research on the science of detecting deception through behavioural cues it’s possible for a trained individual to analyse behaviour – usually video footage, enabling thorough empirical investigation – … Continue reading

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