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Michael Le Vell cleared of child sex offences

This is just a short clip that has a number of great expressions – what can you see? Advertisements

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A Common Issue with Body Language

One of the worst body language myths spread by body language “experts” is that specific actions or gestures have specific meanings. For example, Max folds his arms which means that Max is defensive or in a negative mood. I want … Continue reading

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Prosopagnosia (from the Greek words: “prosopon” meaning face, and “agnosia” meaning not knowing) or face blindness, is extreme difficulty in recognising faces. This is caused usually by some kind of damage to the fusiform gyrus, which is a part of the brain that … Continue reading

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Ekman and Friesen’s 1974 Nursing Experiment

In 1974 Ekman & Friesen designed one of psychology’s first non-verbal communication deception experiments where ER nurses were asked to watch positive (such as a happy or uplifting scene) or negative (such as live amputations and burn victims receiving treatment) … Continue reading

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Did Al Assad Lie to Charlie Rose?

“It wasn’t a fair match. Assad and Charlie Rose were playing by different rules. Rose was after a truthful admission of what Assad had done – poison gassing his own people. Assad had no intention of admitting the truth, the … Continue reading

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Detecting Deception at Home

Having Bridget and I both being proficient with detecting deception (and also both FACS certified) keeps our kids honest! We have 3 kids living at home: Callan, Alex and Caitlin. The kids are much more likely to be honest straight … Continue reading

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4 September 2013 Expression

What do you think this expression is saying? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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