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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is the tendency for people to favour information that confirms their current beliefs. This is particularly dangerous for someone detecting deception as they can get derailed if their opinion of a subject affects their assessments. It’s even worse … Continue reading

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Best wishes in these strange times!

Best wishes to everyone in the world, hope you’re doing ok! This whole COVID-19 / lockdown has affected people & countries in different ways – we’re very fortunate in NZ to be pretty much back to normal now (except travelling … Continue reading

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Modern Love?

Modern Love? “The scary thing about dating is you are either going to marry that person or break up.” As the Digital Age has grown, using the Internet, apps, emails and texts seems to have replaced good old-fashioned meeting people … Continue reading

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Burn Your Boats

Burn Your Boats “If you want to take the island you need to burn the boats.” —Tony Robbins So what does this really mean? I take it as doing something which forces you to continue with a particular course of … Continue reading

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Change Your State, Change Your Life

🤗 – In order for our life’s strategies to work, we have to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves – and change our normal state – our “go to” place when we’re triggered. Change your state, rewrite your story, and implement … Continue reading

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Unmet Expectations, the Silent Killer

Unmet expectations – the silent killer. The major reason marriages end in divorce is because of one thing…unmet expectations. With this in mind, what do you think this can do to your business, your reputation – your customers? EXPECTATION – … Continue reading

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Either you run the day…

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Book Order Finally Arrived!

With the whole world in lockdown, it takes a little longer for things to arrive in the mail that’s for sure! I like to have a few books at hand – mainly as give aways to clients. If you’d like … Continue reading

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