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How To Write a Book

It was the 7 year anniversary of my book True Lies being published, which got me thinking about writing in general. This post isn’t so much about how to write a book as it is about how I went about … Continue reading

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Make Me Smarter #4

Make Me Smarter #4: All of the water on Earth would form a ball that’s 860 miles wide. About 71 percent of the surface of the Earth is covered with water. However, it’s hard to fully grasp just how much … Continue reading

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The Eight Styles of Facial Expressions

Paul Ekman discusses The Eight Styles of Facial Expressions in his book; Unmasking the Face. What is YOUR facial style? The eight styles of facial expressions are: the withholder, revealer, unwitting expressor, blanked expressor, substitute expressor, frozen-affect expressor, ever-ready expressor, … Continue reading

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What Makes People Put Others Down?

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle I find it both interesting and sad that some people intentionally put other people down. The real estate world can be a nasty … Continue reading

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What is Luck?

What does it mean to be lucky? The dictionary suggests that luck is; “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”, with the word fortune meaning both “chance or luck affecting human affairs” and “a … Continue reading

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Make Me Smarter #3

Make Me Smarter #3: More than half of Shakespeare’s characters die in the same way. William Shakespeare had a flair for the dramatic, but he also relied on some tried and true tropes, including the ways he killed off his characters. … Continue reading

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What Makes Couples Commit Crimes Together?

What makes couples commit? Commit crimes together that is. A lot of you would have seen (or been aware of) the Netflix documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,  plus seen his ex girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell in the media recently. Ghislaine Maxwell was … Continue reading

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Make Me Smarter #2

Make Me Smarter #2: There are more card deck combinations than there are atoms on Earth. Don’t blame your bad hand at the poker table on a stroke of bad luck; it’s really just a matter of math, seeing as … Continue reading

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Make Me Smarter #1

Make Me Smarter #1: Monkeys shouldn’t eat bananas. If you happen to be around a monkey, you might be inclined to feed it a banana. But the fact is, bananas contain far too much sugar for monkeys to handle. “Giving … Continue reading

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How (Not) To Trigger Your Partner

Through several decades of my own bumbling, study and observations, I believe that people in relationships have just about created an art form out of severely annoying each other. I’m not talking about the little run-of-the-mill annoyance; I’m talking about … Continue reading

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