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10 Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology and the Mind

Source: Best Psychology Schools Online Advertisements

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Risk assessment can be counter-productive to just outcomes for offenders and / or victims

When it comes to human beings causing psychological or physical harm to one another I find myself sitting in the camp of risk prevention. As a martial artist I promote awareness and a respectful wariness of those demonstrating unusual or … Continue reading

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About Serial Killers, Psychopaths and Sociopaths

What is a Serial Killer? The term “serial killer” was first used by Robert Ressler (former FBI director of the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) in the mid-1970s. Prior to this term, they were referred to as “crimes in a series”, mass murders … Continue reading

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Critiquing how social psychology has studied and theorized bystander intervention

By Stu Dunn The stabbing, sexual assault and murder Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese on March 13, 1964 near her home in Queens in New York City has a permanent place in history – more specifically social psychology’s history – due to … Continue reading

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