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Lance Armstrong Interviewed by Oprah

SDL Reviews Lance Armstrong Admitting Doping on Oprah (3.54 Interview) This interview has gained a lot of attention, and have to assume that there was some kind of financial benefit to Lance Armstrong  for “coming clean” and talking to Oprah. … Continue reading

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Analysis of the Gary Giordano interview by Robin Roberts

I had originally done this analysis around November 2011, however I feel it is still a great clip for educating what can happen within interviews. Visit the SDL Facebook album to view individual screen shots for each point listed, capturing … Continue reading

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SDL Interview with Stu Dunn on Classic Hits 19.03.2012

Click here to listen to the interview: Briefly introducing How to Spot a Liar: 1) Understand their normal behaviour; 2) Emblems, Manipulators & Illustrators; 3) Recognise clusters / hotspots within the 5 Channels of Communication (facial expressions, body language & gestures, voice, … Continue reading

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