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22 February 2015 Expression

What do you think is going on in this image? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below. Want to learn more about reading faces, interpreting body language and detecting deception? Click here to order True … Continue reading

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Surprise is the briefest of emotions, with a sudden onset that dissipates quickly as the stimulus that caused the surprise is understood. Once the event that caused the surprise has been evaluated, another emotion quickly follows, such as happiness (a … Continue reading

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Brief Explanation and Tip for Happiness

Happiness is a positive emotion and one most of us seek to experience more often, and is used to shape many of our less important daily choices as well as help us with our bigger lifelong choices. Ekman & Friesen … Continue reading

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Botox may reduce depression?

Treating those frown lines could lift a depressed person’s mood If Eric Finzi is right, we should all take the expression “put on a happy face” more seriously. Finzi, a dermatologist in Chevy Chase, Md., believes that people with tense … Continue reading

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Paul Ekman’s Anger Profile of President Obama Part 1

Dr Paul Ekman is interviewed by Newton Hightower, LCSW, Founder and Director of The Center for Anger Resolution, Inc.

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Victory or Defeat?

Photos of athletes in their moment of victory or defeat usually show faces contorted with intense emotion. But a new study suggests that people actually don’t use those kinds of extreme facial expressions to judge how a person is feeling.

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Emotions Can Also Harm

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