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Disgust on Cooking Show Never Good Sign

From “My Kitchen Rules” cooking show… I don’t think the judges liked the meal. Open disgust is never a good sign! http://www.MicroExpressions.co.nz, http://www.facebook.com/sdlmicroexpressions & http://www.StuDunn.com

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Anger or Disgust? Blended Emotions

When I first started examining faces, learning micro expressions and trying to determine what emotions were present in an image or video, another that I got stuck with was telling the difference between anger and disgust. The main ingredients of … Continue reading

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Anger, Contempt & Disgust Indicators of Violence & Dangerous Intent: Risk Prevention

“Among leaders of groups that committed aggressive acts, there was a significant increase in expressions of anger, contempt and disgust from 3 to 6 months prior to the group committing an act of violence. For nonviolent groups, expressions of anger, … Continue reading

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