What I learned from a dry month and eating well..

4 weeks alcohol free and eating well resulted in feeling better, losing 3.2kg and 2.5cm from my waist.

Here’s what I learned about from January:

1) Just 2 nights of “celebrating” (eg having drinks, dinner / lunch out, chippies) can undo a lot of good work – however – if they don’t happen very often the body is keen to bounce back quickly.

2) The older you get, the more you HAVE to pay attention to how much you move and what you eat.

3) Listen to your body, not your self talk / excuses. I think people confuse these things and come up with justifications rather than valid reasons. Make time to move.

4) Being 47 years old, I know my metabolism isn’t quite what it used to be! First time, acknowledging this. Second is doing something about it. It’s not dead, just needs more respect. It’s certainly humming happier without meat in my diet.

5) It’s been frustrating not only getting Covid during January, but also seriously injuring my arm to the point that I can’t do any of my normal workouts. If you get an injury, get professional help asap so you a) don’t make yourself worse or b) make it an excuse.

January has taught me that moderation is now my friend. I’m still drinking, that’s for sure! Just less occasions 😃

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With a background in sales and behavioural science, I enjoy learning more about people, behaviour, psychology - which led into motivation - and more recently - sales again. Having started my own real estate company with my wife, it's time to merge interests.
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  1. Excellent! 😀 I hope your arm feels better soon. 🙂

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