Unmet Expectations – the Silent Killer

Unmet Expectations – the Silent Killer.

The major reason marriages end in divorce is because of one thing… unmet expectations. With this in mind, what do you think this can do to your business, your reputation – your customers?


Put simply; if someone has an expectation of you (whether it’s realistic or not) and they observe this NOT being met, creates frustration, disappointment, and often resentment.

The biggest challenge is know what other people expect. How to get around this? Communicate. In a relationship, as soon as frustration rears it’s head, get curious – not angry. With customers, tell them exactly how things will work and manage their expectations immediately.

About Stu Dunn

With a background in sales and behavioural science, I enjoy learning more about people, behaviour, psychology - which led into motivation - and more recently - sales again. Having started my own real estate company with my wife, it's time to merge interests.
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