Make Me Smarter #5

Make Me Smarter 05

Make Me Smarter #5: The New York Times ran a typo every day for more than 100 years.

Everyone makes mistakes. But you wouldn’t think that one of the largest newspapers in the United States would run a typo on its front page every day for more than 100 years. However, that’s exactly what occurred when an employee of The New York Times accidentally entered the wrong serial number of an edition that went out back in 1898. Seeing that they were at issue 14,499, the editor on duty kicked it up by what they thought was one number for the next day. But instead of deeming it issue 14,500, they went up 500 editions into the future to 15,000. As a result, each issue was mis-numbered from 1898 until 1999 when a news assistant finally caught the mistake! &

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