Respect Isn’t That Hard


(I originally posted this on a Wing Chun Kung Fu Facebook forum – it wasn’t aimed at me)

I find it interesting that someone can post how they do their training and they get criticised – I’ve learnt Wing Chun from Sifu Dana Wong, who was more recently taught by Kwok Fu from Foshan. Foshan Wing Chun answers so many of the challenges I had with HK Wing Chun – Vietnam Wing Chun is different and have done rolling with someone from there before..

Different isn’t wrong; it’s different. Wing Chun has straight line roll punches, however also has a slight pivot smashing fist (to smash the fist / forearm) & they practice this on dummies in Foshan.

Show some respect and ask why someone does something different rather than stir the Wing Chun politics and act like Donald Trump (making judgements with a confirmation bias) 😉 &

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