What is the Brokaw Hazard?

04 Brokaw Hazard

When Tom Brokaw was the interviewer on NBC TV’s “Today Show,” he described how he detected deception; “Most of the clues I get from people are verbal, not physical. I don’t look at a person’s face for signs that he is lying. What I’m after are convoluted answers or sophisticated evasions.” The Brokaw Hazard is the failure to take into account how people differ in expressing themselves, people’s individual differences. Lie catchers are particularly vulnerable to the Brokaw Hazard when they are unacquainted with the suspect, not familiar with idiosyncrasies in the suspect’s typical behaviour. Due to this error in lie catching, I need to stress once more the importance of gaining a baseline on a subject. Ideally this should eliminate or greatly reduce the Brokaw Hazard. #nonverbaltips


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