What is the Ostrich Effect?

The Ostrich Effect is when people aren’t motivated to believe negative information (e.g. deception, risky financial situations) as it isn’t in their best interests to do so – or it’s avoiding the fear of psychological “discomfort”.

This is how some people can get away with lying.

02 Ostrich Effect


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Becoming proficient with non verbal communication and teaching what I’ve learnt over the years has become an absolute passion of mine; starting with beginning the SDL Behavioural Science Facebook Page, then set up my first online course in 2011, and my first book on the subject True Lies, A Guide to Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language & Detecting Deception in the Real World was published in 2013. During this time I’ve helped thousands of people around the world become proficient in reading body language, micro expressions and detecting deception – and I’d love to help you too.
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