Can You Spot the Liar?

Can you spot the liar? Test yourself with these videos, then read on!

This is an interesting example, linked to the article (…/in-airport-screening-body-languag… ) “At Airports, a Misplaced Faith in Body Language”.

Tanya Perdomo

If you’ve already had a go and found it was guesswork trying to work out who was lying or not, you wouldn’t be wrong. One do the key things missing in this experiment was the “fear of being caught”. Without this fear (not to be confused with the fear of being falsely accused), the clues of deception are much less likely to occur (which is how psychopaths are able to lie so well).

Experiments also show that untrained participants could correctly detect liars with 54% accuracy, however after training increased to 80%.

These video examples in my opinion are a good reminder than it’s hard to detect lies normally, however harder when the person lying doesn’t care if they’re caught.

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