Rubbing Palms Together

09122011665Rubbing the palms together often communicates positive expectations – you may see a gambler doing this with dice in the hope of winning. You may also notice that a salesperson could do this in expectation of making a sale. This is also common with someone with cold hands! Anxiety is more often identified with more of a “wringing” of the hands, rolling / clasping them rather than just rubbing the palms together.

In saying this, each person is different, and not one interpretation is universal.

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1 Response to Rubbing Palms Together

  1. Hi Stu
    Here in Portugal, “rubbing palms together” also communicates positive expectations. I’ve seen this gestures in most Portugal’s shows, specially one’s where the winning price is huge. But, the “sender” is 75% the host of the show and 25% the competitor.

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