Is Love A Belief?

belief_lieI was just asked; “Is love a belief?” After I answered, I thought it’d be a great question to put out there…

My thoughts: Love is not a belief. A belief is a psychological state where an individual holds something as true whereas (my belief lol) is that love is the description of a state, of loyalty and (or) an opinion (I LOVE that). Following my logic, this has belief as a personal truth and love as an opinion…

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One Response to Is Love A Belief?

  1. A description of a state you say, I agree, but maybe it could also be something more, beyond words or definitions, something held in the heart like a “heart song” (Matte Stepanek) that has no boundaries and can endlessly fill with people, things, places.. it’s only the label like you say. So many loves but one love is the love I speak of. That rises above and enters into the world held dear in the heart. I’d say not a belief but something more.

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