Sources of Information from Facial Expressions

7 Universal EmotionsOf all the channels of nonverbal communication, the face is the most complex of signaling systems, the most studied channel by scientists, and reflects both voluntary and involuntary reactions and emotional states (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2012). The face is an amazing source of information about human behaviour, as it displays emotion, pain, and divulges brain function and pathology (Ekman, 1993; Russell, 1994; Craig, Hyde & Patrick, 1991; Ekman, Davidson & Friesen, 1990; Fox & Davidson, 1988; Katsikitis & Pilowsky, 1988; Rinn, 1984). Learning the skills to reading another’s emotions can provide valuable insights into an individual’s intentions, motivations and credibility (Matsumoto & Hwang, 2012).

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