United States of Conspiracy Statistics

The United States of Conspiracy

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With a background in sales and behavioural science, I enjoy learning more about people, behaviour, psychology - which led into motivation - and more recently - sales again. Having started my own real estate company with my wife, it's time to merge interests.
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4 Responses to United States of Conspiracy Statistics

  1. seraphinalea says:

    Fluroide is a serious problem in our water. i have fluroide syndrome or something; chips of white on my teeth
    And i have absolutely no doubt that america knows about aliens and ufo or whatever, they just dont want to cause a panic 🙂
    as for bigfoot… im still not sure but im leaning towards yes
    its wasnt long ago we discovered an odd animal called a upupi or somehing. it half tawny and half zebra 🙂
    who are we to say we know everything about our world?
    mothman – thats a damn interesting story ill talk to you on fb about that 🙂

    great post 🙂

    • SDL says:

      I go out of my way to avoid fluoride also, for personal choices rather than mass mind control perspectives ;-). And I’m 37 and have never had a filling in my life, with health teeth for those who were wondering lol – Stu

  2. Dub Hawkins says:

    18% of people believe the Sun revolves around the earth? Really? Hmm.. never heard of that before. Interesting.

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