Micro Expressions and Battleships

battleship-board-gameI had to share this… Yesterday I overheard my son Callan (11) and his step brother Alex (7) playing the old board game; Battleships. By the sounds of it, Callan was winning and was using a “secret strategy” that he kept to himself until he absolutely knew he was going to win the game. His strategy? He would call out the first part of his move / shot slowly; “My turn, B….” and he’d examine Alex’s face. If there was relief, Callan would then say; “No, not B. Hmm, how about C….” If Alex’s face gave away that he had a ship on C somewhere, Callan would take his turn. Needless to say, Alex finished the game by trying to hide his face behind a cushion.

There’s an application of utilising micro expressions that I hadn’t considered!


About Stu Dunn

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