Micro Expressions and Battleships

battleship-board-gameI had to share this… Yesterday I overheard my son Callan (11) and his step brother Alex (7) playing the old board game; Battleships. By the sounds of it, Callan was winning and was using a “secret strategy” that he kept to himself until he absolutely knew he was going to win the game. His strategy? He would call out the first part of his move / shot slowly; “My turn, B….” and he’d examine Alex’s face. If there was relief, Callan would then say; “No, not B. Hmm, how about C….” If Alex’s face gave away that he had a ship on C somewhere, Callan would take his turn. Needless to say, Alex finished the game by trying to hide his face behind a cushion.

There’s an application of utilising micro expressions that I hadn’t considered!


About Bridget Dunn

A real estate professional since 2012, Bridget is known for integrity, diplomacy and sincerity in all her dealings. She has first and foremost strived to be someone in whom her clients and colleagues can put their trust and faith. Treating clients like family is both a guiding principal and way of life for Bridget. She is dedicated to listening intently to her clients needs and providing the best possible advice, from how to get the best sales result for their home, to matching individuals and families with the properties that best suit their needs.
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