27 Feb 2013 Expression

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.



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6 Responses to 27 Feb 2013 Expression

  1. SDL says:

    Don’t think this fits into any specific category, however we can start to see what’s happening with the FACS codes… Something like: 4B+14D+17D+23E+24E+38B
    Slight frowning with strong dimpler smile, and bascially a raised chin boss and tight lips. This tells me (without the context) this is a forced social (or fake) smile, that is attempting to make a blend of disgust (or resignation) and anger.

  2. SDL says:

    Someone else mentioned the mouth tightly shut to avoid saying something or to show restraint – agree! It could well be the case! 🙂

  3. well i’m clearly an amateur on this science
    but to me it looks like he’s fraught, his shoulders are tense and he’s showing shame and suppressed fear and anger … i think armstrongs mouth stroke shows his reaction after the accusations during the trial when his body is automatically defending his position but his mind is regretting …
    BUT² i have another theory on this one as well:
    it looks like a staged picture to me in witch he was told to show shame and regret (or if it wasn’t staged the mentioned emotions might be) …
    whatever it really is, i could certainly tell you when i would have been in this situation seeing him life cause i kind of have the gift of understanding what goes on in peoples minds when i’m talking to them (but that’s another story to tell .^__^. ) …
    nice blog btw – keep it up and stay awesome

  4. here some similarities: http://bit.ly/clsms01
    objections 😉 😀 .?

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