22 Feb 2013 Expression

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

SubX_DI_Yann Barthes_2012-11-13

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5 Responses to 22 Feb 2013 Expression

  1. SDL says:

    Good Vic ;-). Although it’s a still image, there’s the possibility of talking (50). If we cancel out the talking, then the lips are parted (25C). There could be a tightening around the eyes (7C perhaps), and it’s suggest that the 10 would be more like an R10C? Be better for us to have a neutral to compare for a baseline 🙂

    Looking at the codes alone, does a particular emotion stand out?

  2. I could not distinguish the tightening around the eyes, or ‘pouching’ of upper media corner of infraorbital triangle … I looked for it but could not convince myself it was there … definitely a neutral and a video would assist. However, there is a slight deepening of the upper portion of nasolabial furrow, so how about we split the difference on a 10B? 🙂
    As to the emotion (with the caveats of a still pix) contempt, with some disgust. Would we call it a blend?
    (And hey, I’m studying the top half of the face now, so go easy. LOL)

  3. Anthony Hung says:

    Contempt right there? not sure. Really admire those who can use FACS to measure facial movements. : )

  4. SDL says:

    This truly looks to me like a blend of contempt and disgust. The upper lip raise is a sign of disgust, however it being asymmetrical hints strongly towards contempt.

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