22 Feb 2013 Expression

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

SubX_DI_Yann Barthes_2012-11-13


About Bridget Dunn

A real estate professional since 2012, Bridget is known for integrity, diplomacy and sincerity in all her dealings. She has first and foremost strived to be someone in whom her clients and colleagues can put their trust and faith. Treating clients like family is both a guiding principal and way of life for Bridget. She is dedicated to listening intently to her clients needs and providing the best possible advice, from how to get the best sales result for their home, to matching individuals and families with the properties that best suit their needs.
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5 Responses to 22 Feb 2013 Expression

  1. SDL says:

    Good Vic ;-). Although it’s a still image, there’s the possibility of talking (50). If we cancel out the talking, then the lips are parted (25C). There could be a tightening around the eyes (7C perhaps), and it’s suggest that the 10 would be more like an R10C? Be better for us to have a neutral to compare for a baseline 🙂

    Looking at the codes alone, does a particular emotion stand out?

  2. I could not distinguish the tightening around the eyes, or ‘pouching’ of upper media corner of infraorbital triangle … I looked for it but could not convince myself it was there … definitely a neutral and a video would assist. However, there is a slight deepening of the upper portion of nasolabial furrow, so how about we split the difference on a 10B? 🙂
    As to the emotion (with the caveats of a still pix) contempt, with some disgust. Would we call it a blend?
    (And hey, I’m studying the top half of the face now, so go easy. LOL)

  3. Anthony Hung says:

    Contempt right there? not sure. Really admire those who can use FACS to measure facial movements. : )

  4. SDL says:

    This truly looks to me like a blend of contempt and disgust. The upper lip raise is a sign of disgust, however it being asymmetrical hints strongly towards contempt.

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