Police officer accused of groping handcuffed, pregnant woman

Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson, not looking so traumatized

“An Auburn police officer is under investigation for allegedly groping a pregnant and handcuffed woman. The incident happened at 1:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

“The alleged victim, Hannah Thompson, said she was so traumatized that she’s now afraid to be home alone because the officer knows were she lives.”

If you want my opinion, something not right about this. Obviously, if her allegations are true, then there’s something very wrong there – however I don’t find Hannah’s (or her finance’s) emotions to be in line with 1) Hannah being “so traumatized that she’s now afraid to be home alone”.. and 2) neither are showing grief from the miscarriage.

I know that the interview was only shown in part, and that it was broken up into little pieces, so that can have things viewed out of context. What I’d like to see is:

– Hannah’s full interview – mainly around the two points above, when she states that she’s traumatized and when they mention the miscarriage.
–  The policeman’s point of view. That’s the major part missing here.

Right now, to me, it looks like a couple trying to get some publicity and probably money over a scheme. I’m not convinced. Maybe the cop was inappropriate. Maybe he wasn’t.

What do you think? Abuse of police power, fictitious allegations, or a mixture of both?

Watch the short clip here: Police officer accused of groping handcuffed, pregnant woman. Read the full article here.

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