The message a woman’s skirt length send?

An artist has sparked a big debate after creating an image about what women’s skirt lengths say about the woman.

The message a woman’s skirt length send?

The image shows a woman from behind with ten words written up her left leg indicating various hemlines, with “matronly” scrawled at the bottom of her calf and “whore” just below her butt. In just two weeks the photo has attracted more than 270,000 comments – with some liking it and some not so much.

What do you think? Funny? Offensive? Accurate? Personally, I think the term “Asking for it” is out of line…

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3 Responses to The message a woman’s skirt length send?

  1. cameron kingrey says:

    I think the coverage of the under garments are a big factor too. The true score is a combined score.

  2. ullie says:

    There should be a line at her ankle that reads “Orthodox.”

  3. SDL says:

    Rosea Lake, Vancouver Student, Posts Powerful ‘Judgments’ Photo Of Skirt Lengths

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