Paul Ekman’s “Trigger locks can save kids”

Dr Paul Ekman

Dr. Paul Ekman

Dr. Paul Ekman’s Letter to the Editor in the San Francisco Chronicle;
“Trigger locks can save kids” 15th January, 2013.

Marsha N. Cohen‘s suggestion in “Mandatory insurance?” (Jan. 11, Open Forum) mentioned in passing trigger-guard locks rendering a gun inoperative.

Let me add that trigger guards would prevent children, treating a gun as a toy, from killing themselves or others.

It would also have prevented the Newtown, Conn., killer (“Biden convenes gun task force, promises action,” Jan. 10) from using his mother’s guns to kill her and then the children and teachers.

While opposed in the past by the NRA when advocates pushed for laws making gun locks mandatory, the NRA might join in a campaign for voluntary gun trigger locks, encouraged by tax deductions, public acknowledgement and free trigger guards. Trigger guards won’t prevent all use of guns to kill people, but it will help.”

Paul Ekman
Professor of psychology emeritus, UCSF

From Letters to the editor, 15th January, 2013.


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