Victory or Defeat?

Photos of athletes in their moment of victory or defeat usually show faces contorted with intense emotion. But a new study suggests that people actually don’t use those kinds of extreme facial expressions to judge how a person is feeling.

Instead, surprisingly, people rely on body cues. How good are you? Can you tell which player has just won a point or lost a point in Tennis players below?

Can You Tell Emotion From Faces Alone?

Can You Tell Emotion From Faces Alone? A new study suggests that when people evaluated just facial expressions – without cues from the rest of the body – they couldn’t tell if the face was showing a positive or negative emotion.

Hillel Aviezer, a psychology researcher at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, wanted to see how accurately people can read intense, real-world facial expressions — instead of the standardized, posed images of facial expressions that are usually used in lab tests. Click here to read the full article. Also, you can click here to listen to the article.

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5 Responses to Victory or Defeat?

  1. My opinion is: 1, 3 & 6 are winners the others are not.

  2. SDL says:

    Answers: Faces 1, 4 and 6 show losing points, while 2, 3 and 5 are examples of winning points. This was REALLY difficult, which goes to show there’s something in this…

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