28 Dec 2012 Expression

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

What is Mel Gibson's expression?

What is Mel Gibson’s expression?

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3 Responses to 28 Dec 2012 Expression

  1. thagoatboy says:

    Hard to say with this one, as could have been an accidental pic? If not , it could either show disgust/contempt, but I think I’m picking up something in the eyes that’s showing a slight moving on from that, almost like he was disgusted but then he saw a beautiful woman that started pulling him out of his previous feelings? Just my silly observations 🙂

  2. thagoatboy says:

    Disgust or contempt that may have just been interrupted by the sight of a beautiful woman? 🙂 It’s his eyes that say the last bit 😉 but definitely disgust!

  3. SDL says:

    For disgust there needs to be a crease or a deepening of the nasolabial furrow – which this image does have (in FACS terms, this is either a 9 or a 10 – or a combination of both).

    Anger is – in FACS terms – 4 (lowering of the brows), 5 (raising of the eyelids) and 7 (tightening of the eyelids) – this image also has these features (although the nose wrinkling FACS code 9 also lowers the brows).

    What do you think? Disgust, anger, or a blend of both?

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