23 Dec 2012 Expression

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

What is this expression?

What is this expression?

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4 Responses to 23 Dec 2012 Expression

  1. Bill Ramsey says:

    the expression seems to defensive due to the center depression of his eye brows, uncooperative due to the tightening of his lips as if hes trying not to say something and finally afraid due to the look in his eyes. Also the subject is looking to the left and depending on what brain dominance he has he could be thinking of a lie. In accordance with this analysis the subject could be afraid to speak up in case he is not believed and may also fear the repercussions….this is an amateurs opinion though so whatever

  2. Varun says:

    the expression seems to hostile/suppressed anger – Head down a little bit, fixed gaze, Lips pursed & tighten, upper eye lid raised, outer eye brow raised.

  3. When I first looked at this picture, I thought this person was displaying body language of “trying to hide a secret”. After analyzing it further, I realized there was a lot of signals that point to anger. The eyebrows are pulled down and angled towards the nose. The other thing I noticed was the sort of “snarl” look he was making with his mouth area. It doesn’t look like a full snarl, since the nostrils are not flaring. Lastly, I noticed the ends of his lips curving downwards. Not 100% sure, but it makes me feel like his is angry about a decision. I would love to see his hands and see if they are clenched.

  4. SDL says:

    Thanks everyone. This one does indicate anger, with a potential interpretation of the pressed lips being the restraint of saying something. If looks could kill…

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