Robbie Parker Statement “Off”?

Robbie Parker smiling..?

Robbie Parker smiling..?

Robbie Parker – father of Connecticut shooting 6 year old victim Emilie Parker – seems to be smiling a little too much at the beginning of his statement, and in my opinion isn’t showing any forehead or eyebrow movements associated with sadness or grief. Baring this in mind, I don’t have a baseline of Robbie Parker’s normal behaviour, so I’m basing this post on what I consider “unusual” behaviour under the circumstances.

In the clip below Robbie Parker is seen smiling and laughing before he takes several deep breaths (which could be interpreted as getting himself into the right “grief” state of mind) just before he starts his statement. I’m not saying he’s lying – I am suggesting that this is very unusual behaviour.

In the slightly extended clip below, the main thing I notice is the lack of forehead movement, no oblique eyebrow movements (FACS codes 1+4) which I always look for in sadness.

0.22, 1.01 & 1.15 - appears to be smiling

0.22, 1.01 & 1.15 – appears to be smiling

There appears to be a holding back of tears at times, and yet I get the impression that it’s not very genuine. Why? Perhaps he’s on Valium to calm him down. Perhaps he’s so depressed and sleep deprived that he’s acting strangely. Maybe this is his normal behaviour. Or perhaps there’s something else going on…

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8 Responses to Robbie Parker Statement “Off”?

  1. Anon says:

    Thanks for this.

  2. Anne says:

    I thought there was something “off” as well. It seemed odd to be giving a press conference moments after the victim’s names were released. I’m sure he’s fishing for a book deal, and he’ll probably get it.

  3. Charles Harris says:

    I am hearing-impaired and have been all my Life. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I discovered what my ability to “read faces” was called.

    This struck me as “not right.” I had the same reaction to an interview with one of the mothers of a victim. There is not enough stress in their faces. Perhaps it is vallium to help them cope.

  4. Charles Harris says:

    Just your link to the Medical Examiner. Had seen that previously. Do not even know where to begin with that one.

  5. SDL says:

    Dr. Paul Ekman’s Letter to the Editor in the San Francisco Chronicle; “Trigger locks can save kids” 15th January, 2013.

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