Are guns the problem or a convenient excuse?

Are guns the problem, or an excuse?

Are guns the problem, or an excuse?

A follow on from this article, this image has another perspective on guns. I do agree that people kill people, not guns. However guns do make for more efficient killers – it takes a certain kind of killer to make a bomb… Do you agree with this? Disagree? Are guns the problem or are people using them as a convenient excuse?, &

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4 Responses to Are guns the problem or a convenient excuse?

  1. People who want to inflict harm, death, and chaos will always find a way to do it, and guns do make it easier, but I think there are already too many guns in circulation for any band to make any real difference.

  2. Termite1110 says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on school violence (focusing on elementary school). There are many cases in where people use knives, machetes, swords, etc and the number of dead and injured are very similar to the CT shooting.
    In one cas in China a man doused a kindergarten classroom with gasoline and set it on fire after forcing the students and teacher to the back of the room. He killed 19 and wounded 5.
    I believe people are the problem not the weapons.

  3. SDL says:

    Dr. Paul Ekman’s Letter to the Editor in the San Francisco Chronicle; “Trigger locks can save kids” 15th January, 2013.

  4. Johnf744 says:

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