16 Dec 2012 Image Analysis

What does Brad and Angelina’s facial expressions and body language tell you? Baring in mind that this is a snapshot of time, a still image that we have out of context, which is why analysing video footage is more accurate. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

What does their body language tell you?

What does their body language tell you?

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4 Responses to 16 Dec 2012 Image Analysis

  1. boxxay says:

    Angelina has a fake smile. Her lips are turned up but her eyes aren’t squinted. Her head is tilted indicating that she is inspecting the piece, as if she wasn’t believing what the person was saying about it. Brad has his arms crossed, which is never a good sign. Usually indicates indifference or apathy. He also has his head tilted. And he is looking at the person talking rather than following his words with his eyes on the piece, indicating he has stopped taking that persons words seriously.

  2. Vic says:

    “We’re looking at a green what?” (bubble over Angelina’s head.
    Over brad, “I’m not buying that for $1,000,000 – I don’t care how trendy the artist is or whether the money goes to charity.”

  3. Doug Jones says:

    Mr. Pitt is bored. So is Acid Burn.

  4. Ah classic tight lipped smile from Angelina? Not interested or doesn’t believe what the person is saying about the art. Neither is Brad, and he is revealing that by crossing his arms. Like Boxxay said, Brad’s focused on the person’s face and not the actual piece of art being talked about.

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