Expression of the Day – 22 Nov 2012

What is this expression? Click on the FACS code’s to code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

What is this expression?

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7 Responses to Expression of the Day – 22 Nov 2012

  1. Anthony says:

    Contempt. One side of mouth is pulled up.

  2. SDL says:

    I admit disgust came to mind first as my initial thought. The issue is that without a baseline image, we don’t know if his nasiolabial furrow (the lines from his nose the the edge of his mouth) are deep normally. There doesn’t appear to be a raised upper lip or nose wrinkle of disgust, so contempt it is…

  3. Agreed with comments, and … (again, without a baseline) could there be a touch of fear in the outer brows or eyes in general? The … “surprise/fear ‘wtf? probably a nut/nut comment’ turn-to-contempt look?”

    • Anthony says:

      Not sure. Without a baseline pic, theoretically, surprise should have wide-open eyes, that is raised upper eyelids), but it is not shown in the picture. The picture did not show fear sign as well. The fear brows should be raised and pulled together, the brow may probably a surprise sign, or more likely a questioning sign. Also, the lower eyelids did not tense. It seems not to be fear.

  4. john says:

    He also looks annoyed to me

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