Do Men or Women Lie More Often?

Research has shown that a normal everyday person will lie on average 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation. Bearing in mind, a lot of these lies are social ones, such as answering “I’m fine thanks” when the person really isn’t, or “Yes, you look lovely in that”.

So do men lie more often than women?

Men and women actually tend to lie about the same amount of time as each other, however it’s what they lie about that differs. Men lie to make themselves look better in the eyes of others, while women tend to lie to spare feelings and make other people feel better.


About Bridget Dunn

A real estate professional since 2012, Bridget is known for integrity, diplomacy and sincerity in all her dealings. She has first and foremost strived to be someone in whom her clients and colleagues can put their trust and faith. Treating clients like family is both a guiding principal and way of life for Bridget. She is dedicated to listening intently to her clients needs and providing the best possible advice, from how to get the best sales result for their home, to matching individuals and families with the properties that best suit their needs.
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