Truth or Lie?

Do you think this guy is lying? Why do you think so?

For further opinions, visit Humintell’s post on the subject here.

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5 Responses to Truth or Lie?

  1. Luca says:

    So I found the video on youtube which makes it easier to spot things as it’s in a better quality and you can play the video in slow-motion:
    I’m pretty sure he’s a liar, can’t put my finger on the exact point but there are too many inconsistencies in his body language and every time he denies what he’s done (or not done) there’s no eye contact and he’s looking down, but otherwise, he’s making eye contact normally and also he doesn’t appear the kind of person that can’t hold eye contact because of lack of confidence or whatever, also he seems to get pretty nervous when the reporter asks him directly whether this picture of the guy trashing this muni bus was not him, he suddenly starts chewing on his gum really intensely… Well, I’m no expert and I’ve just started learning about body language, so I might be completely wrong, but in my humble opinion, this guy is lying. What do you think, Stu?

    • Luca says:

      Just noticed that you’ve already put the link to the youtube video here ^^ haha shouldn’t have copy-pasted what I posted on Humintell’s webpage without checking your page first ^^ sorry ’bout that, my bad

  2. SDL says:

    00:00:20 Looks away before answering
    00:03:10 Smile, happiness / duping delight
    00:07:20 Looks away when he says; “And that’s pretty much how I found out everything”. To me this doesn’t look honest.
    00:41:10 Eyelids raised – perhaps fear?
    00:42:06 Still smiling and shaking his head. Possible that he can’t believe the situation
    00:47:28 Shakes head while saying; “I have numerous people who could back me up”
    01:03:23 Reporter’s expression: Priceless. Perhaps disbelief?
    01:05:11 Fear – eyelids raised with nervous smile. Reporter showing signs of disgust?
    01:09.10 “Anybody who knows me knows I’m not like this”, while smiling.
    01:13:03 Fear again? Same wide eyes from Tony, same look of disbelief from the reporter
    01:32:25 In Tony’s denial; “Million percent, was not me” Non contracted denial is common with lies
    01:36.01 Flash of anger and the smile fades for a moment.
    01:38:13 “I swear” with a shake of the head.
    01:39:22 Chewing gum and smiling
    01:40:05 Another flash of anger
    Overall, to me Tony comes across with “What are you doing to do?” attitude, not taking the interview seriously by chewing gum and smiling the whole way through. The smiles at times I think could be interpreted as duping delight (smiling because his lies are being believed). There was also signs of fear (the raised eyelids mainly), which he did while explaining what I (and it appears the reporter) considers to be pretty poor excuses – so this could be the fear that appears with detection apprehension.

    In my opinion, without having more footage, I’d suggest that Tony’s story doesn’t come across as reliable. Perhaps its the constant smiling? This is the reason a good baseline is necessary.

    Add on to this:
    The answer? Tony was indeed telling the truth.

    He did not vandalize the muni bus as police arrested Gregory Tyler Graniss, 22, of San Francisco after the now infamous picture was circulated around the internet. Graniss has admitted that the person in the picture is him and is currently out on $40,000 bail. See more here:

  3. Luca says:

    Brilliant answer, Stu. Thanks a lot for all the details, this is a huge help for me as with a detailed answer like this I know exactly what I have to look out for and what exactly gave me that “gut feeling” in the first place… You’re brilliant, Stu

  4. SDL says:

    Thanks Luca – and you’re very welcome! Stu

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