Expression of the Day – 21 Oct 2012

What is this expression? Click on for the FACS Codes if you want to FACS code this expression. Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Star netball shooter Irene van Dyk after a winning their netball championships, just hours after her mother died. Happy? Sad? What do you see this image captures?

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5 Responses to Expression of the Day – 21 Oct 2012

  1. Anthony says:

    It may be a blend of happiness and sadness. The happiness shown in the lower face. There is a genuine smile. Actually, she is grinning. The crow’s feet appears around her eyes. Also, the muscle of her eyes and her face are involved in smiling. Thus, it is a genuine smile and it shows happiness. However, in the upper face, the eyes show very slight sadness. The upper eyelids are drooped and become a shape like triangle. Also the lower eyelids are slightly tensed. These are the signs of sadness. Moreover, the pupil should be dilated because the championship is the thing that she wants to see. Yet in the photo, her pupils are contracted. She may think of the death of her mom.

  2. SDL says:

    There’s happiness, sadness, relief, satisfaction, grief and emotional exhaustion – it’s all here!

  3. SDL says:

    Learn some of the key signs of each of the universal expressions, then think of the different levels with that range. For example, anger: On one end of the scale is mild irritation, the other being blind rage. There are huge amounts of names, terms, descriptions of emotions within this range. Sadness: a little down all the way to depressed or suicidal.

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