Expression of the Day – 19 Oct 2012

What is this expression? Body language telling you something..? Click on for the FACS Codes if you want to FACS code this expression.

What’s this expression? Anything else present in this image?

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4 Responses to Expression of the Day – 19 Oct 2012

  1. Anthony says:

    It is obivously an offensive posture. It can be told by the middle finger of Obama. He may feel aggressive about something he heard or he saw. This kind of head-to-head posture may show boredom or frustration towards the conversation. Also, the eyes of him are glaring at a specific point. It can be highly controlled anger. It can be supported by the middle finger posture. The upper eyelids are raised. ( I am not sure about this point because the picture size is too small for me to see.) It can be a sign of anger.

  2. SDL says:

    Nice Anthony. Yes, combined with the signs of anger in the face and the emblem hand gesture indicates how he’s feeling towards what he’s thinking, the person talking, or the topic being discussed.

  3. bhibbs says:

    I have seen him do the “scratch the cheek with the middle finger” before. He isn’t sitting up like the 1 guy. He looks, lazy, tired and almost like “F off” I’m tired and I’m the President look.

  4. john says:

    Emblematic slip

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