Presidential Debate 2012 Romney vs.Obama: My Thoughts Part 2

Presidential Debate

Continuing from Part 1.

  • Some people are saying that Obama is tired because (as the picture shows) only one foot is firmly planted – the other is lifted, compared to Romney whose feet are planted firmly. My thoughts? Maybe. Maybe not. It could indicate a wish to leave (the debate), it could also suggest restlessness, nerves, impatience – or – it could infer a more relaxed state. Just as Romney’s at attention stance can be interpreted as a formal position usually portraying a neutral attitude, including being neutral in regards to wanting to stay or leave (common with school children talking to teachers, royalty, and employees when talking with their boss). It could also mean mean Romney is stiff and ill at ease – or that he has the upper hand in the debate. I hope you can see just how subjective making assessments based upon stance alone can be a ridiculous guessing game – and I’d wager it falls in favour of whoever is the favourite. Things can be interpreted with a little more meaning if Obama was shifting uncomfortably or stepped back from the podium…
  • Closing arguments: Obama: 1:24.35 – Based from the flash of contempt and the looking down afterwards with the mouth shrug, I very much doubt that Obama wanted to thank Romney nor did he appreciate the debate. 1:26.16 – As he says; “Everybody’s playing by the same rules” Obama does a strange expression that could be a subtle contempt, followed by a tight lipped stretch as he looks quickly at the camera, then looks down. Challenging to interpret this, my best guess is that he’s thinking of something in particular when he made that comment. 1:26.38 – “And if you’ll vote for me..?” Questioning tone. “Then I promise I’ll fight just as hard…” while shaking his head at 1.26.40. During his closing he seems to blink quite a lot.
  • Closing arguments: Romney: 1:26.48 – Romney goes up on his toes and back regularly, which can be seen in the police. This could be interpreted as a self importance movement, or perhaps that he believes he has something important to say. Overall, I’d look at it more as an emphasising gesture. 1:27.01 – Romney’s shaking his head as he says; “I know this is bigger than an election about the two of us…as individuals, it’s bigger than our respective parties…” 1:27.31 – Shaking his head again while saying; “…if the President were to be re-elected you’ll continue to see a middle class squeeze…” During his closing he looks directly to camera.

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    Congratulations to President Obama for winning the election 2012.

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