Analysis of the Gary Giordano interview by Robin Roberts

I had originally done this analysis around November 2011, however I feel it is still a great clip for educating what can happen within interviews. Visit the SDL Facebook album to view individual screen shots for each point listed, capturing the expression or event at it’s apex / peak.

What do you think? Is Gary Giordano hiding something or do you think he’s innocent? Post your thoughts.

0.29 through the video. This looks like a cross between duping delight and contempt during his comment on being interviewed / interrogated for 4 months, he’s leaving something out. Perhaps, if duping delight, he’s hiding the fact he’s gotten away with it. It would more likely be contempt if he is being honest. (Duping Delight: Suppressed smiling, glee at having a lie believed, happens when: (1) The target poses a challenge, having a reputation for being difficult to fool, (2) The lie is a challenge because of either what must be concealed or the nature of what must be fabricated. (3) Others are watching or know about the lie and appreciate the liar’s skilful performance.)

0.59. Long winded answer to end up avoiding answering the question. Gary uses the Dodgeball Statement to avoid answering certain questions: These responses ignore or deflect questions, often throwing one back at you – sometimes defensively, sometimes in anger.

He also glances to his lawyer – it appears that this was a rehearsed response that he was not going to discuss what happened the day his “companion” went missing.

1.16. This is meant to be Gary’s “Surprise Face” when informed that there was talk to him and Robyn Gardner showed signs of drinking heavily. I’m afraid, this does not look anything like surprise to me.

1.17.  Just one second after his fake surprise Gary says; “I’ve never heard that,” then flashes a smiling micro expression.

2.16. In response to being asked what the weather was like that day (he claims there was a storm), Gary deflects by answering a different question about how they were a “sober couple”. Please note that so far – 2minutes and 16 seconds in – Gary has not yet used Robyn’s name.

2.28. Gary is really invested in the interview following and agreeing with him. This is a tense “Ok?” making sure she’s following his story.

At 2.32 there is a right shoulder shrug when saying “I’m going to be myself”, then launches into what appears to be another rehearsed set of counter arguments (First is him taking Robyn to a remote location, then him leaving the island. Later includes the life insurance). Regarding the remote location, he says that they were only 100 yards from the suba shop, however later he states that when he finally got back to the shore he was exhausted and no one was there, even the scuba place was closed.

2.48. Another tense close-teethed “Ok?”, to me it comes across as a false smile.

2.51. This is the non-verbal “Ok?”. His body language is attempting to say; ‘Look, we were in view of other people so how could this have been a remote area?’

3.32. He was told to catch his “already scheduled flight” by an embassy representative? This should be verifiable, otherwise it would be a foolish thing to say on television. However what I wanted to bring up here was how interested he was in continuing on his trip without Robyn, while she was still missing. This is demonstrating an incredible amount of emotional distancing. 3.42, Another “Ok?”

4.20. The palm closed finger pointing gesture is like a symbolic club, ‘beating’ listeners into submission. Gary did this when saying he “Did NOT” say his travelling companion was taking another flight. He then follows up with not being sure exactly what he said, then adds at 4.24 another “Ok?”

4.38. The use of an illustrator indicates this event did most likely happen (although this does not indicate when in the timeline his experience when he heard over the PA system he had to run to catch his flight). He is quite detailed in his description, then at 4.38 mentions customs “blah blah blah” then “and…um..”, at 4.48 “er..the gate is open…and then…er…the head detective walked over…”. He also thrusts his jaw forward and up in a micro expression of anger – most likely about being arrested for Robyn’s murder.

He went from detailed to vauge…more questioning would be required, although in the scheme of things isn’t all that important.

Gary Giordano’s lip suck

4.57. Good old fashion lip suck – he does this a few times during the interview, most of the time it is when he is being asked questions; however this time he finishes his statement about being arrested with a lip suck. This could indicate a reluctance to talk, or “keeping his mouth shut”.

5.09. This is a man who is not in any urgency. His “companion” has gone missing in the water, and apparently he was exhausted from swimming through the poor weather; however here he is walking quite calmly, no urgency, and does not look exhausted. He bangs on a door for a second before calmly walking to another door – this is not the normal behaviour of someone who is has lost someone at sea minutes beforehand…

Again, defensive response to the interviewer; “How can you tell I’m dry there?”

5.42. Gary’s head jerks backwards as he mentions his “tennis shoes”. This could have several interpretations, one in particular being that he felt that it was obvious that wearing tennis shoes and swimming was difficult and exhausting.

He goes on to explain why he looked so relaxed, causal, non-panicked, was because no one else was there. Would he have acted moreso if he knew he was being filmed?

6.28. A follow on from the previous picture, Gary is sincerely stating (palms up) that the reason he wasn’t panicking or franticly running from door to door was because no one was there.

7.57. Gary explains about the insurance, because if “I go travelling and I disappear”… How likely is that..? He then explains that Robyn was only insured for $1.5 million because he (7.48) couldn’t unselect anybody, and (8.06) couldn’t unselect Robyn…(the first time he has mentioned her name throughout the entire interview I believe). 8.07 “Ok?”, (8.10) Can’t unselect her. Nice of him to provide such a large life insurance due to not being able to unselect someone… Interesting defence, could well be the case.

8.47. Left shoulder shrug while describing why he called asking about the insurance so soon after Robyn’s disappearance. Gary claims that he was worried about getting an invoice for the helicopters and divers, which may have been the case. However he shrugged when mentioning that they didn’t get involved until days later. Perhaps he knew they wouldn’t be involved but used this as an excuse to call the insurance company earlier?

10.37. His ex lawyer was guiding him through the holland Tourist handbook “I’d imagine, but..”. This comes across as an after thought.

Overview: Throught the whole interview, Gary is very distant towards Robyn, mentions her name only once (that I noticed). At the end of the interview he says; “A person I cared about…disappeared on my watch…it will weigh heavily on me for a very long time.”

Gary Giordano comes across as indifferent about Robyn Gardner’s disappearance, and does seem motivated by the potential insurance payout. There are a lot of holes in his story, and would say that he DOES know how she disappeared – and believe there is a very high chance that he had something to do with it – on some level at least. Officials clearly state that he lied about the weather conditions, and in the interview he ignored the weather condition question.

He mentions at the end the human trafficing – perhaps there is something in that as to what happened to Robyn. Overall, I believe that Gary knows more than he is letting on.

This is my opinion based on the story the analysis of the five channels of communication. This analysis isn’t a full report, so excludes FACS codes and other normal supporting data.

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7 Responses to Analysis of the Gary Giordano interview by Robin Roberts

  1. Good analysis of the interview. Something you did not touch on, was the comment he made at the end, ‘you can’t unring a bell, ya know’, seemed an odd choice of phrase. The phrase ‘dead ringer’ came to mind when he said that, however after looking on Google, ‘Saved by the Bell’ on the website is a better description. He seemed to realize, or at least be semi aware of what he had said and how it may have come accross, looked down, and then at his lawyer. Curious if you have any thoughts on that?

    Thank you! KC

    • SDL says:

      You’re quite right, he does look down after saying “You can’t un-ring a bell”, then mutters “Thank you” at the end. Suspicious? Yes, along with the rest of his interview lol. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

  2. Thanks for your input! 🙂

  3. bizarrefaerie says:

    He’s blatantly not telling the truth… it’s kind of easy to see, but if you listen to the tone in his voice change from a calm demeanor in the very beginning to being very defensive immediately after the first question. Because his body tenses, his voice becomes tensed. And he had his kids there with him… They had no reaction whatsoever. They showed no remorse, no real emotion, they just stood there like lifeless drones.

    I think the better question is, is this… What do his kids know about what happened?

  4. bizarrefaerie says:

    I understand that this is about the dad… But really take a look at the kids, Mr. Giordano kids know something. They just stand there, behind their dad without any signs of remorse or emotion, drone like. And they stand there and they listen to there dad blatently not answer questions, “interview himself”, and completely make an ass of himself… all the while relying on his lawyer to answer the tough questions because he, apparently, is incapable of doing so.

  5. SDL says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  6. Press Pass says:

    Gary Giordano has released a New Book on amazon: “The Aruba Files”, including secret FBI Reports

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