About Stu Dunn

Founder and head consultant of SDL, Stu Dunn is New Zealand’s first  FACS Certified consultant. Stu has had a natural interest in human behaviour and non verbal communication for most of his life. Stu’s continued study of psychology, body language, micro expressions and FACS has helped Stu Dunn has become New Zealand’s leading expert in micro expressions, emotional surveillance and FACS.

“The difficulty in defining a non verbal behaviour expert is not a new one. I am one of around 3,000 people worldwide – and the first and only in NZ – to become FACS certified. This is the most detailed de-coding of the face, and universally recognized by psychologists and physiologists worldwide. Scientifically based, FACS can actually prove expressions are present or not, judge the genuineness of expressions shown, what emotions are felt, and of course identify micro expressions.

“I have accumulated a number of certificates from my extensive FACS and micro expressions training, and studying psychology through Massey University. Unfortunately there are no certificates, diplomas or degrees in body language. I have however studied body language for about a decade, and micro expressions and FACS since 2009.” – Stu Dunn

For general questions about training courses, FACS, emotional recognition, micro expressions or any service or related issue, please contact SDL

Stu also practices Wing Chun Kung Fu, having been teaching Sifu Dana Wong’s Qian Li Dao Academy style Wing Chun since 2005.


About Stu Dunn

I have three major professional areas in my life: Team Dunn Real Estate (Harcourts Real Estate with my beautiful wife Bridget), SDL (Behavioural Science Consulting) and Qian Li Dao Academy NZ (Wing Chun Kung Fu). Stu & Bridget Dunn Real Estate: Providing awesome service and results through our approachable, professional and effective real estate services. http://stubridget.harcourts.co.nz/ SDL: SDL helps our clients to understand non-verbal communication and to avoid deception. We do this by providing online courses, training and specialist advice in areas of behaviour, emotional analysis and detecting deception. Both my wife Bridget and I are also FACS certified. I have also written an International Best Seller, True Lies; A Guide To Reading Faces, Interpreting Body Language & Detecting Deception In The Real World. www.MicroExpressions.co.nz, www.facebook.com/sdlmicroexpressions & www.StuDunn.com Qian Li Dao Academy NZ (Wing Chun Kung Fu): The Wing Chun System, known for its incredible speed, powerful straight punches & Chi Sao (contact reflex training), relies on angling & body mechanics rather than brute force. www.QianLiDao.co.nz
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